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Hello. We are DecoAR, A Creative Agency Located In Miami, Florida. Take A Look Around & Download our Apps.

If you are looking into creating custom iOS Apps you’ve come to the right place.

DecoAR is the latest service from Decographic, focusing on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and XR.

This is also the place where you can get in touch with professional AR and VR developers in Miami. We also provide updates on the latest news about the development of Augmented Reality.

Feel free to download any of our Apps to test the AR experiences for yourself. And reach out to us if you would like to learn more!

Expert AR and VR Developers in Miami

Our virtual reality and augmented reality solutions help elevate your marketing campaign, as well as your manufacturing efforts. Here’s how they work and how they can benefit your business.

Benefits of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality, also known as VR, is a digital environment created to make the user believe that it’s real. Augmented reality or AR, on the other hand, involves placing a digital object on your user’s view of the real world. It is visible only on the screen of the viewer’s smart device.

VR and AR solutions are used to create immersive customer experiences, like Ikea’s AR app, which rendered full-sized digital models of their furniture directly on their customer’s space. This helped users visualize how a product would look like in their home before purchasing it. Companies like Ford, on the other hand, use VR for testing and training with its driving simulator.

How to Apply VR and AR to Your Business

If you want to provide the benefits mentioned to your business, partner with Deco AR! We’re a Miami-based VR and AR development company that helps you create immersive and interactive brand experiences for your customers. We work closely with you to come up with and apply VR and AR solutions that enhance your company’s reputation and the value of your products.

Contact us today to schedule a free discovery appointment.


Custom Built

It takes a lot of handwork and teamwork to make these custom experiences happen. Read more below why your company will make the best of use of your resources working with us.

We Love This

Since we started, we have been building these experiences because it is what we enjoy to do on our free time. From freelancing to client work we are actively looking to develop solutions for those looking to create an AR Experience.

In-House Built

Our team is fit to build the complete experience in-house. That means that you will have access to our team along every step of the process whether it’s talking to our AR developer to our iOS developer, you can count on them being available to you.

Continual Updates

We have been working with this technology long enough to know that there are updates continually, we will try to build your experience on the latest libraries and framework but we know that new ones will show up soon enough. Our team will always try to put your experience on the leading resources available.

In-House Content Creation

Our team includes content creators who can take care of the video shooting and the 3D Designing should your experience need it. Which adds another level of communication between you and us along the way.

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