Whether you loved or hated the blockbuster hit Joker for its slapdash violence and unflattering portrayal of mental illness, if you have been online lately, you know you can’t afford to miss it.

If you are in the former camp, you can now show your appreciation using a new filter launched within Facebook’s mobile app camera.

Todd Philip’s latest flick must have been fun for some because it on its opening-weekend earnings were the fourth-highest for an R-rated film, as well as being the top-grossing for a film launched in October. Take that, Pulp Fiction, Venom, and Halloween.

As Joker has already raked in $258.1 million in ticket sales internationally, it would come as no surprise to film industry watchers if it ends up among the highest-grossing films within the DC Comics universe.

The creepy Facebook filter was uploaded to YouTube as a just-for-fun project of Malaysian interactive media consultant and creative agency Black Dash Interactive Design. An Instagram version is still pending Instagram’s approval.

Leading digital marketing campaigns for clients such as McDonalds, Clinique, Panasonic and Nissan, the firm also recently posted a Facebook filter dedicated to McDonald’s McCafe coffee line (despite the food franchise’s iconic clown, there’s no connection with the latest filter).

A couple of years ago, Facebook did its best to copy Snapchat innovative face filtersfor its in-app camera, and ever since, creative firms have been trotting out their designs on the company’s platforms.

If this latest attempt is any indication, it may finally be time to start paying closer attention to Facebook’s growing garden of AR filters.

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