If you’re an avid social media user or gamer on your smartphone, you’ve probably encountered augmented reality (AR) without knowing it. Your Snapchat and Instagram filters and the cute monsters you collect on Pokémon Go are all powered by AR. But this innovation isn’t just for social media and video games.

MarketWatch stated that the global AR industry is poised to grow to $149 billion by 2025. That’s a huge leap from 2017’s $4.32 billion! Established companies like Ikea, Coca Cola, and Sephora are already marketing their products using AR. With recent projections and rapid adoption by both consumers and businesses, it’s only a matter of time before AR becomes a staple for your marketing, training, and manufacturing efforts. Make your first virtual step with DecoAR’s AR experience consulting and development services.

AR has many groundbreaking applications that could enhance your business processes. Here are some examples:


One of the basic applications of augmented reality in manufacturing is in measuring surface dimensions, such as length, width, height, or depth. It’s useful for doing quality control on products, like what Porche’s technicians are doing in one of their factories in Germany. Using their tablet cameras, they scan a vehicle part or component, and the app tells them if it has the correct dimensions. It saves the workers time and energy measuring every part. By lowering the QC time, AR gives the technicians more chances to do other important tasks.

AR may also be used to project product prototypes on a surface to observe how they would look in real life. DecoAR will help you create an app for your precise measurements and digital scale models.


AR’s ability to display 3D digital models precisely on surfaces opens creative marketing opportunities for your business. There’s no better example for this than what home improvement giants Ikea, Lowe’s, and Home Depot did in their marketing campaigns. These shops give customers an AR app that the latter can use to display 3D models of the products they want to buy on spaces or areas of their home. It helps customers envision their furniture on the actual space and determine if it matches their room color and décor.

AR is also useful to clothing and footwear retailers. They may program items like shoes and dresses to be fitted digitally on a customer so that the customer would know how they’d look wearing these pieces. Our team at DecoAR helps create similar apps for your company. We make sure that product renders are not just beautifully drawn, but also scaled properly and quickly.


According to the Consumer Technology Association, the biggest use of AR is in workforce training, especially in the medical and manufacturing fields. Augmented reality helps future doctors learn human anatomy through digital scale models of the human body, instead of real bodies.

AGCO Corp., a manufacturer of agricultural equipment, uses hands-free AR glasses to train new workers. The glasses are voice-operated and display 3D training images and videos. The company currently uses them to train people in welding.

Our AR solution helps your company create comprehensive AR training modules that may improve and speed up your onboarding process.

Our Process

DecoAR gives customers high-quality AR applications quickly. This is how we do it.


Contact us through phone and email. We’ll discuss your business processes and how AR can improve them.

Preliminary Plans

We send in an initial plan with deliverables and schedules. We can change or add to this plan according to your needs and budget. We’ll give you a quote once we come to an agreement.


Once you’ve signed off on our contract and given the necessary payment, we’ll start developing your app. We’ll have regular meetings to make sure we develop your program according to your vision.

Launch Day

This involves turning over the finished app to your company. If you pay for its license, your company will receive full ownership. Alternatively, we can publish and update your app for you.

Why Choose Us

Augmented reality applications need expert programming and rigorous testing to ensure that they render and display models correctly and swiftly. You can count on DecoAR to be your AR application development partner in Miami. Here’s why.

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We are equipped to do all the legwork for you, from planning to publishing.

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You’ll have an expert team of augmented reality application developers who make the best product possible for your business.

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