Virtual reality (VR) is a technology that continues to be more popular and accessible. And it goes beyond video games. It’s a tool used to enhance marketing campaigns, streamline training courses, and more. In fact, the biggest companies like Apple, Ford, UPS, and others are already making the most of these solutions!

A Bright Future for VR

The virtual and augmented reality market was valued at about 7.3 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach 120.5 billion by around 2026. Industry experts also expect VR technology to be as prevalent as mobile devices during that time.

There’s no doubt that VR has a bright future in marketing and training. Be ahead of the curve by developing your virtual reality programs with Deco AR.

Benefits of Virtual Reality to Your Business

VR has many benefits to your different business processes. Here are a few examples:


Virtual reality is a great way to get customers to experience your product in a fresh and futuristic way. Auto giant Volvo used VR to give users a digital test drive of its Volvo XC90. This was helpful for people who wanted to have an in-depth look inside the car but don’t have access to a nearby dealership.

Applications, such as virtual house tours for real estate companies and fun games for food retailers, are now possible. The sky’s the limit when marketing with VR. We’re here to help you create your business’ immersive, virtual world that customers will surely love.


VR is also useful in manufacturing your products, from their design and development to testing and maintenance. Boeing, a prominent aircraft manufacturer, equips its technicians with virtual reality technology to have a three-dimensional view of its plane’s wiring to easily determine which goes where.

The Ford Motor Company also uses VR to simulate weather and road conditions from the digital interior of the vehicle they’re developing. Our team will coordinate closely with you to create accurate simulations and models that improve the way your team works.


The immersion that virtual reality provides makes its technology perfect for training employees with certain procedures. United Parcel Service’s (UPS) training centers use VR to provide safety training exercises for drivers. It increased the retention rate of trainees to about 75%.

Companies like Walmart also use VR to train employees in emergency procedures. Canada’s Queens University employs the technology to expose medical students to mission-critical situations without real-life risks. We study your business processes and training modules to make sure that the VR courses we create for you are easy to understand and applicable to real-life situations.

Deco AR’s Process

At Deco AR, we want to provide a seamless and educational VR design and development experience for our customers in Miami. Here’s how our process works.


Get in touch with us through phone and email, and we’ll call you back to discuss your business’ VR needs.

Initial Plans

After the discovery process, we’ll provide you with an initial plan, complete with deliverables and schedule. We’ll run through this together, in case you want to change or add anything to it. Once we agree on a plan, the company will provide you with a quote.


Once you agree with our terms and provide the necessary payment, we’ll start designing and developing your application. You’ll attend regular meetings with us to make sure we’re aligned with how your program functions and looks.


We’ll hand over the finished product to you. Your company will have full ownership of it if you pay for the license. You may also trust us to publish, maintain, and update your application for you.

Why Choose Us

If you want your virtual reality app to be useful to customers and employees, you should only trust expert developers like DecoAR for the job. Here’s why you should choose us.

Full Service

We take care of everything for you, from planning and scheduling your project to publishing your app.

A Professional and Passionate Team

You work with a professional team of virtual reality developers and designers who have a burning passion for the craft.

Fast and Reliable

Working with our team will make you confident about setting a launch date. We make sure to complete your project on schedule.

A functional and engaging virtual reality app can breathe new life into your marketing, training, and manufacturing efforts. Contact us today to schedule your free discovery call.